«All too human?»

curated by Chiara Giardi and Evita Verbrugge

For “All too human?” Dagmar Schürrer presents excerpts of "Where does the rest of the world begin" and Nanut Thanapornrapee shows his work “CAPTHCA” (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Humans and Computers Apart). Their independent research interestingly meets in the quest for understanding the human condition. If Schürrer’s work challenges the notion of a human as an exceptional, singularly conscious individual entity, Thanapornrapee’s reminds us of our cyborg identities through speculation and  sci-fi.

Dagmar Schürrer
Nanut Thanapornrapee
«This is an annoying advertisement»

curated by Chiara Giardi, Evita Verbrugge, Heiko Schmid, Itay Blaish and Ugo Pecoraio

The exhibition will reflect on current digital culture and online advertisement, taking over imagery from memes, cyborg-like figures, people created by artificial intelligence, virtual reality worlds and even internet porn.


Johanna Bruckner
Jonas Blume
Molly Dario
Bianca Kennedy
Till Langschied
«Framed Wormhole»

curated by Chiara Giardi &  Kenneth Ting Yu Lin

How do web-based creative practices relate across cultures and national borders? ‘Framed : Wormhole’ is a cultural and professional exchange. It asks questions like: If we take culture to include our online activities and identities, how do their online and offline sides relate to each other?

Gum Gum Wen
Mu Tuan
Si Qi Peng
Ssu- Chi Hou
Ting Chen Chang
Yu-Liang Lin

«KUNSTSURFER download party»

curated by Evita Verbrugge, Heiko Schmid & Ugo Pecoraio

Testing, downloading, and conversations at Helmhaus, Zurich.
Showcasing the exhibitions «This is an annoying advertisement» and «Framed Wormhole».
«Soft Narratives»

curated by Noemi Garay (Panke Gallery)

"Soft Narratives" presents works by Molly Soda, Maya Man, and Chia Amisola - three artists who use the internet to develop their sensitive and multimodal narratives. In the exhibition, the selected works are also interpreted as examples of a new generation of internet artists.  

Molly Soda
Maya Man
Chia Amisola

curated by Heiko Schmid

A shimmering space opens up when the human is touching the non-human. AND THEN WE TOUCH raises our awareness of the performative nature of categories such as humanity and animality and confronts us with our own needs for sensuality, touch and playfulness.

Benjamin Egger
«TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS: A Simulacrum within Simulacra»

curated by Heiko Schmid

TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS: A Simulacrum within Simulacra" is a small digital excerpt from the intricate, research-based artwork TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS, which explores the Deleuzian concept of the simulacrum. Utilising KUNSTSURFER, it replaces generic online advertisements with artistic representations, effectively transforming the digital realm into a promotional platform for a fictional museum.

Jana Vanecek

Till Langschied

Molly Soda employs various social media, including YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Substack, to produce and host her work, allowing it to interact with the platforms themselves. Her contributions to the Soft Narratives exhibition are selected based on her recent Substack article, NPC girls, which examines the "flattening" effect that occurs when she posts images of herself online. Once uploaded, photographs intended to capture specific moments or features of the subject merge into a continuous stream of images. Molly Soda explains her observations as follows:

"It's interesting that there's so much discussion around being the "main character" or romanticizing one's life when ultimately everything we post is cast out into a sea of identical images. The older I get, the more I lean into this: becoming a girl in the phone. I'm not being myself, I'm joining the others." 

By creating her works in the prevailing formats and using the popular tropes of social media, Molly Soda situates them explicitly while simultaneously relinquishing control by allowing the particular framework of each platform to structure her artistic practice. 
This process reflects and affirms a desire for the dynamics and aesthetics of the dominant internet platforms. Moreover, continually switching between platforms enables multimodal expression and provides sensitive insights into the circumstances that internet users face when going online, as well as the ability to negotiate these conditions.

Website: https://mollysoda.exposed/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloatedandalone4evr1993/