KUNSTSURFER is a browser-based art space. It runs on an add-on that recognises advertisements and replaces them with digital exhibitions. KUNSTSURFER brings art into your daily browsing. It plays with the ways online advertisements look and work. It takes over commercial space to host experimental, digital site-specific curatorial and artistic projects.‍

KUNSTSURFER was founded in 2021 by a collective composed of Chiara Giardi, Evita Verbrugge, Heiko Schmid, Itay Blaish and Ugo Pecoraio, five curators who are mostly based in Switzerland. In June 2022 Itay Blaish left the collective. The add-on was programmed and is technically supported by the artist Michael Aschauer.‍

KUNSTSURFER was funded by Pro Helvetia (Emerging artists: annual programme art space), the city of Zurich (Creative Tech for Good), ZHdK Fonds/Mercator Foundation and the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture.

The current curatorial collective consists of:

Chiara Giardi is an independent curator interested in research-based, transdisciplinary, digital and collaborative practices. She holds an MA in Art Education, Curatorial Studies (Zurich University of the Arts, CH) and she worked with/at institutions like Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts and Culture (TH), documenta fifteen (DE), videocity (CH), and the National Gallery San Marino (SMR).

Evita Verbrugge is a cultural mediator, curator, DJ and event organiser based in Lucern (CH). She completed her BA in International Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam and Istanbul and her MA in Art Education, Curatorial Studies at Zurich University of the Arts (CH). She is currently working as art mediator at Kunstmuseum Luzern.

Dr. Heiko Schmid is an art historian, curator, and author based in Zurich (CH). Heiko Schmid is chairperson of the art in public space commission (Kiör) of the city of Zurich.

Ugo Pecoraio is an independent curator based in Basel (CH). He is specialised in blockchain and crypto projects, the strategic planning and conception of digital exhibition formats, as well as the development of innovative positioning options for artists and designers. Ugo Pecoraio is currently employed at HEK (House of Electronic Arts) as head of communications.

KUNSTSURFER is supportet by Pro Helvetia and Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich

There will be Wastelands, Baby! 

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler

  • Solo Exhibition / online

  • Artist: Jennifer Merlyn Scherler
  • Curator: Ugo Pecoraio
  • Date: 5. May 2024

All too human?

Dagmar Schürrer and Nanut Thanapornrapee


  • Double bill / online

  • Artists: Dagmar Schürrer, Nanut Thanapornrapee
  • Curators: Chiara Giardi, Evita Verbrugge
  • Date: 1. February 2024

Jana Vanecek & Benjamin Egger

physical group exhibition at VC7 openspace, Zürich

16 November 2023

  • Group Exhibition / IRL

  • Place: VC7 openspace, Zürich
  • Artists: Jana Vanecek, Benjamin Egger
  • Curators: Heiko Schmid
  • Date: 16. November 2023

TWILIGHT OF IDOLS: A Simlacrum within Simulacra 

solo exhibition with artist Jana Vanecek

  • Solo Exhibition / online

  • Artists: Jana Vanecek
  • Curators: Heiko Schmid
  • Date: 16.09.2023


solo exhibition with artist Benjamin Egger

  • Solo Exhibition / online

  • Artists: Benjamin Egger
  • Curators: Heiko Schmid
  • Date: 11.06.2023

Soft Narratives

an exhibition organized and curated by Panke Gallery


  • Group Exhibition / online

  • Artists: Molly Soda, Maya Man, Chia Amisola,
  • Curators: Noemi Garay (Panke Gallery)
  • Date: 04.05.2023

KUNSTSURFER install party

an installation at Helmhaus Zürich with all the exhibitions.

  • physical KUNSTSURFER presentation / online & RIL

  • Place: Helmhaus Zürich
  • Curators: Evita Verbrugge, Heiko Schmid, Ugo Pecoraio
  • Date: 18.08.2022

Framed Wormhole

a Taiwanese-Swiss collaborative exhibition in Zürich and Taipei.

  • Group Exhibition / online & IRL
  • Artists: LIN Yu Liang, HOU Ssu Chi, TUAN Mu, PENG Si Qi, CHANG Ting Chen, WEN Gum Gum, Funnysandwich
  • Curators: Chiara Giardi & Kenneth Ting Yu LIN
  • Date: 16.-22.06.2022

This is an annoying advertisement

for 24h IRL at Dynamo Zürich and online on «The Wrong»

  • Group Exhibition / online & IRL
  • Artists: Bianca Kennedy, Johanna Bruckner, Jonas Blume, Molly Dario, Till Langschied
  • Curators: Chiara Giardi, Evita Verbrugge, Itay Blaish, Heiko Schmid, Ugo Pecoraio
  • Date: 26.02.2022